About Me

This blog is a rather accurate representation of my life: it’s (only very slightly) messy. It started off as a baking blog – I had a pretty serious case of obsessive compulsive cookie-making disorder – Test. Taste. Start over. Test. Taste. Start over – which turned into obsessive cake-making. Which turned into restaurant/food/bar reviewing. And then I realised, why limit myself? So. I eventually came to the conclusion that I would write about what I want. Food, bars, cities, fashion, interior decor, books… who knows. If I like something, find it interesting or inspiring, chances are it might end up on here. Self-indulgent though it may be, I hope y’all will be okay with that. Over the years I have moved quite a lot – I’ve lived in France (Paris), England (Birmingham & London), Chile (Santiago), Ireland (Dublin) and now the US (San Francisco) – so hopefully I can also share some of my experiences in all these places with you.

Em x


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