Eating in London: Meat Liquor baby!

So basically, I recently moved from Paris to London, and any food fanatic who knows the capital will confirm that London is a culinary gold mine. There are just so many restaurants, diners, pubs, bars, cafés…. and such an eclectic mix too! It’s a foodie’s wet dream.

I have hence decided to start digging for gold, and let you in on the best places to eat. Some of these will be well-known, others not so much. The first place I would like to talk about is… MEAT LIQUOR. Where you can eat stuff like this:



I moved to London a week ago, and within the space of 7 days, at least three of my friends mentioned that they had heard about this place and wanted to go. Being a total Curious George, I went. And I wasn’t disappointed. The pitch is ‘Burgers, Cocktails and Beers’. And it’s pretty accurate. I would add in there, Fries and Chicken wings (which I fell in love with). This is your typical American restaurant.




The ambiance:

The name in itself is a good descriptive to be honest (no you don’t sit on a couch made of meat). The place is quite rustic, with wooden floors, seating, tables. And in the middle, you have a dome with some rather frightening drawings some scary-looking animals, namely a smiling pig holding a chopping knife (nightmare material I tell you). It’s all black, red and white. The lighting is red. Your food is served on a tray (burgers are served directly onto the tray…. No plates. OOOOOW WHAT WOULD MOMMA SAY?!), and instead of napkins, you get an entire roll of kitchen paper. So you can be as gross as you like.

Four IMPORTANT things:

-There is usually a queue. I mean this is London… if you live there you already know that that comes with the territory. If you’re trying to go there on a Friday or Saturday, be brave I say. Any other day of the week around dinner time as well. This place is popular to say the least, so go early, and preferably during the week. Keep in mind that if there is a queue outside, you will probably also have to wait inside. Once you’re in, they take your name down and make you wait by the bar where you can order a nice cocktail. Good for business innit.
-No reservations.
-I’m not sure if this is a permanent feature or if I was just unlucky that time I went, but the stench upon entering is off-putting. No seriously. You get used to it after a while thankfully, but it smells like a mix of really bad B.O. and onions. Go figure.
-Purists beware: wine is served in mason jars and the likes… I know.

My food recommendations:

-The Bingo Wings. They come with a blue cheese dip (don’t worry, it’s not too cheesy, just delicious) and they are amazing.


-Cheese fries. Fries topped with cheddar and onions. They’re generous with the cheddar unlike some restaurants, and that’s what makes these amazing.
-Apart from that, I had a Bacon Cheeseburger, which was really tasty, but I would suggest perhaps going for the Dead Hippie as I hear it’s rather special.
-I had the Onion Rings. Not a big fan; they’re HUGE (I’d say bigger than donuts), and just too fatty for me.

Price range:

It’s quite reasonable. For two people, it cost us £32 and we had:

-Onion Rings £3
-Bacon Cheeseburger £7
-Cheese Fries £4
-Bingo Wings £6
-Jar of wine £5
-Cocktail £7

And it was more than enough.

And there it is. NOW GO.

74 Welbeck Street
London, W1G 0BA
Tube: Bond Street


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