Brunch in London: The Counter Café

This place is lost in Hackney Wick. Literally, on your way there, you will probably ask yourself what the hell you’re doing there and think that I’m majorly batty. But I’m not!

I can promise you, you will love this café. The area is full of art studios despite the fact that the streets are empty. It’s all very artsy and hipstery and wonderfully bohemian. The café is located inside an art gallery called The Stour Space and has a direct view on the Olympic Park, main stadium and Regent’s canal. Thanks to its outside seating area canal-side, it would be ideal in the summer.



The place is SO chilled out. You order at the counter and wait to be served. The waiters are ADORABLE. So friendly, obliging and helpful…. the list goes on. There’s a seating area upstairs as well so don’t be worried that the downstairs area is quite small. It’s also a very calm area; I reckon it is possibly the best place to go on a sunny Sunday morning for a peaceful, delicious brunch.


Food recommendations:

-I had the Eggs Benedict with Salmon. They were absolutely gorgeous. I insist, absolutely GORGEOUS.


-My friends had the Big Breakfast and loved it. I was very happy with my choice however as I like my baked beans the Heinz way, not the home-made way, and I like my hash-browns plain and simple, with no herbs involved. But as I said, they told me it was delicious.

photo (1)

-The coffee is insanely good, I was really impressed.

photo (2)

-I had the giant cookie which was quite nice, and the giant oatmeal-coconut cookie which I found a bit disappointing.
-The orange juice is fresh and tangy and lovely.
-If you go, try the brownies, they look really tasty.

Price range:

It’s not cheap. Worth it for a special brunch, but not for your so-hungover-feel-like-I-might-die brunches… it would just be a waste.

counter café menu

Just thinking about their eggs Benedict is making me hungry. Yum.

The Counter
7 Roach Road
E3 2PA, London
+447834 275 920


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