Interior Decor: Olatz Schnabel’s NY Townhouse

Olatz Master-Bedroom-781x600


I came across a small article about Olatz Shnabel’s New York townhouse the other day in a magazine (can’t recall which one though… not the NY Times, even though they did write an article about her too. Vogue maybe? Eurgh anyway…) and I feel in real estate/interior decor love. Granted, my own dream house would potentially not be as colourful as hers, but hers does feature a number of items, colours, wallpapers, furniture etc… that I have always wanted.

Personally, I’ve always loved vivid colours on walls (as a teenager, my room had 3 white walls and one red cherry one – it’s not for everyone), however very few people are daring enough to actually paint their interiors anything but cream or taupe or plain hospital white; I truly admire her for trying and succeeding in making these colours work.  I adore the bright green wall in the kitchen as well as the turquoise in the bedroom. Even the pink bedroom works for me.

Olatz 4.dressing-room-818x900

Olatz bedroom deco

Olatz kitchen


As you can see, it’s all a bit OTT at times, but for some reason, I don’t find it off-putting. I also love the old fashioned bath and checkered tiles in the bathroom, although I would prefer a dialed-down version – to me, the tiles should go either on the walls or the floor but not both because as it is, it reminds me of a Tim Burton movie; a bit oppressive and not quite what I’m looking for when I want to have a relaxing bath.


Olatz bathroom big


To see more, check out her official website:

Ms. Schnabel apparently used to be a model, was married to a famous painter, is an interior designer and also has her own line of bed linen…. In other words she’s superwoman. Aaaah some people ey…



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