Drinking in Paris: The Curio Parlor – Update: Now Closed…



I felt it was necessary to take a minute to talk about the Curio Parlor. If you were to pass by it on the street, you could never really tell that it’s a cocktail bar. The massive bouncer outside is the only give-away really. Oh and then there’s the stuffed raccoon in the window which may also grab your attention, but again, despite the fact that it’s ‘holding’ a cocktail shaker, you wouldn’t necessarily guess what’s inside.


Curio Parlor Raccoon Window

Curio Parlor


The Curio Parlor is a bit cave-like, with velours seats and benches, very dimmed lights with candles on each table and more importantly, the best cocktails I’ve had so far in Paris. I mean there are quite a few places in Paris where you can get a decent cocktail, but this place differentiates itself not only through its hushed atmosphere but also through its original menu serving alcohols you might not even have heard of and its extremely talented barmen. Since I didn’t know what I wanted, I asked the barman to make me a cocktail with a vodka base and he served me a lemon-y and cucumber-y delight. Bear in mind I absolutely hate cucumber, and this was by far the most exquisite cocktail I’ve ever had.

Important information:

-Now before we go any further, this place is on the expensive side. It’s 13 euros a cocktail – but that’s standard for a decent beverage in the capital.
-It’s not made for huge groups of people.
-Despite the fact that it looks like a bright place in the picture above, it’s quite dark inside, so don’t bring a book (but perhaps a torch might be an idea).
-They have a great menu full of delicious (if not weird) cocktails, so don’t bother going there for a vodka and coke.
-For all you sensitive souls out there, there are more stuffed animals inside, so if that’s not your cup of tea…well.
-The ground floor isn’t huge, but there’s a downstairs area.

Now go ahead and drink your wages.

Closest metro stops:
Maubert – Mutualité
Cardinal Lemoine
Cluny – La Sorbonne

Opening times:
Tuesday to Thursday: 7pm to 2am
Friday & Saturday: 7pm to 4am

Curio Parlor
16 Rue des Bernardins
75005 Paris


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