NSFW – Art & Photography: Helmut Newton

I’ve read many articles about Helmut Newton’s work and the variety of diverging opinions on the man are puzzling in their contrast and extremeness.ย To some, Newton was a fetishist, a pervert, a misogynist… lots of naughty words which frankly paint him in quite an unfavorable light. They deem his work as sexist, unoriginal and flat out just ‘not art’ – a vulgar pornographer using the … Continue reading NSFW – Art & Photography: Helmut Newton

Music: Florence & The Machine

Florence & The Machine are an incredibly special band to me. I went to see them in Dublin and it was a transcendent experience. Florence’s voice has such a unique tone… teamed with the right melody, it would give a chair goosebumps. There’s something mystical and almost esoteric about most of their songs – like walking into a magical wonderland, they transport you through their … Continue reading Music: Florence & The Machine