Brunch in SF: Plow



I almost wasn’t going to recommend this place purely because of the line you have to face to get a table – you’ve been warned. In the Dogpatch on 18th street, Plow is open from 8am to 2pm on weekends.

If you do decide to go, here’s my advice:

-Go early!
-Do not go in big groups – I mean, they only accept groups of 6 or less anyway, but they also only have two 6-people tables. There were 6 of us in my group, we waited 2 hours…
-Go on a sunny day, that way the wait outside won’t seem so bad. Maybe bring snacks and bubbly to keep yourself busy or just go inside and grab yourself a free cuppa Joe.
-Make sure to keep your ears seriously open. The staff will come out and whisper your name when a table is available – am I being harsh? Perhaps. But I did find it disgraceful that the guy wasn’t shouting names louder when tables were ready – groups could have easily been waiting outside for an hour and not have heard him call at all.
-It turns out they forgot about us at some point. Moved on to a different name list, and if it weren’t for us asking when we might be able to eat, we would have waited for, well, ever. Naattt cool Plow. So after an hour, don’t be shy, go ask when they think you’ll be able to munch.

Now for the positives:

-The ambiance is really lovely and cosy.
-It’s a nice area so if you’re waiting outside with your friends and a coffee on  nice day, it’s not so bad.
-We all got the Plow breakfast. It was the best breakfast I’ve had in San Francisco so far.  For $14.50 you get two eggs, a choice of house made pork sausage, nueske bacon, or chicken apple sausage, two lemon ricotta pancakes and crispy potatoes. It’s a lot of yellow on one plate for me, but it was so good that it almost made the 2-hour long wait worth it.
-I also got to try the buttermilk biscuit with honey butter ($4.25) – ’twas the bomb. I recommend sharing one.





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