Fun in SF: Exploratorium After Dark


Hey you. Free up your Thursday night.

The Exploratorium puts on an After Dark event every Thursday from 6-10pm. It’s $15 pp, it’s adults only, it’s culture, it’s booze and food while you learn, it’s great.

I’ll give you 10 bucks if you can tell me what this is here:


It’s not a map no, it’s bacteria. Lots and lots of bacteria. And which type of bacteria will spread where depends on multiple factors including how much light they get. Did you know that? I did not.

Sensitive souls, look away. We’ve got dead furries in different stages of decomposition below. I like to think they died of natural causes like old age or excess cheese. I’m not an excessively morbid person but I found the whole thing fascinating. When you put a beetle to work, it doesn’t mess around.


This mirror was a total mindf*ck. One minute you see yourself upside down, the next you’ve fallen off the grid, never to be seen again. But you’re standing in front of the thing looking for yourself. Gah.



Not sure if you can tell but this structure is made entirely of matches. This bloke spent decades putting it together. It’s incredibly intricate, impressive, imaginative and I would have lasted about a week doing this myself. Definitely worth seeing in real life to analyze the details.


I drank from this supposedly 100% clean, never-once-used toilet. To be clear, I drank from the water fountain, not the bowl. I got challenged to do it; I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but you drink from a toilet and then come chat with me. Not that the water was unclean or anything, but I couldn’t help but feel queasy afterwards.


Oh yeah and thanks to the Exploratorium, I got to feel like R. Kelly for a minute there.

This is a micro sample of what to expect there. There was also a talk on fluoride that night which I somehow found fascinating, and I believe that the talks and events are different week on week. There are so many installations, experiments, games, challenges… It’s an incredibly entertaining and enriching evening with drinks and friends. Vividly recommend trying it whether you’re a tourist or you live in the area.


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