Going out in San Francisco: Cigar Bar & Grill

I always have a good time when I go to the Cigar Bar & Grill.

Great place if:

-You like tapas – theirs are pretty good.
-You like cocktails – theirs are pretty good.
-You like cigars – theirs are pretty good.
-You like outdoor patios – theirs is pretty good.
-You like live Cuban music – theirs is pretty good.
-You like dancing – they’ve got salsa classes on Saturdays (cover is $15) and a dance floor.

I heart all of the above but in case you like one part and not the other, the bar, dance floor and patio areas are all separate so you don’t have to dance if you don’t want to. The live music is on the other side from the bar so if you just fancy a conversation, you can have one no problem. If you want to stay outside and smoke, you can do that too. Aaaaand they have a pool table.



Now now, as a dirty smoker, even I find that the smoke in the patio can get a bit much every once in a while, and it apparently leaks into the dance floor area at times but mostly, it’s just fine; it is a large open space after all.

If you’re having a girls’ night out, expect attention from los hombres. Great if you’re interested, not so great if you’re not. I find Knock’em Out by Lily Allen a good source of inspiration when looking for excuses as to why I may be a terrible prospect for companionship or why I plain just have to dash – alternatively just tell’em you’re having a night with the ladies innit.

Finally, the bar tenders are a bit moody at times but I think it’s part of the venue’s charm really.

All in all, a solid favourite of mine.


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