Fun, Food & Drinks in San Francisco: The Kabuki Theater & Humphry Slocombe Ice-Cream



I finally made it to the Kabuki Theater in Japantown! I always end up going to the Metreon in SoMa as it’s close to my place and it’s always a good experience, but the Kabuki brings something special to the table that the Metreon does not.

First of all, it’s called Kabuki. Big fan of the word.

Secondly, it’s a boozy cinema = you can sip on white wine or beer as you enjoy your film (hark now hear the angels sing). Don’t forget however, if you get yourself 3 pints and the film is 3 hours long, you’re definitely going to need the restroom (unless you have a superhuman bladder). As you walk in, the snack shop is up the stairs to your left and the bar is on your way to the screening and also serves food I believe.

Thirdly, they have Humpry Slocombe ice-cream there! I got the Secret Breakfast ice-cream pot; it was a bit too sweet for me, but given how teshteh it was, it didn’t stop me from finishing the whole thing before the film even started… Well in my defense, it was melting so fast, it was either eat now or drink later. So make sure you get yours last minute.


Fourthly, you can reserve seats in advance and they’re super comfortable.

Finally, the film starts more or less on time: No 20 minute long trailer session starting when the actual film is supposed to.

Oh and I almost forgot, we went to see Deadpool and I loved it. I did find that the film tried a bit too hard to be funny at times – characters fire as many bullets as they do jokes – but it was a-laugh-a-minute in a good way too, the slow-mos are aesthetically unbelievably believable and it’s got super hot super heroes and super villains. A winning combo if I ever saw one. I have to ask though, what’s with Americans and clapping at the cinema? I mean I’ve seen it done at the end of a film before, but during? No peeps, just no.





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