Drinking in San Francisco: Cliff House


I went to Cliff House only once and frankly it was a bit of a stressful experience given that myself and my friend wanted to go there to sip cocktails while watching the sun go down… and well… the sun waits for no one so we were almost running up that hill to make it on time. Nevertheless, it was all worth the trot (and a clear sign that I really should work out more).

We went to the Bistro inside Cliff House which, as its name may indicate, has an old school, French style decor that I really liked. Service was slow and rude, cocktails were only okay,  but I really didn’t care because the view over the ocean was absolutely breathtaking. I had some boozy hot chocolate concoction -the concept seemed genius – but I wouldn’t have it again. Cliff House is apparently renowned for making a mean Bloody Mary however, I would therefore recommend going for that if that’s your type of thing.

So really all I’m saying is, go there on a week night before the sun sets to have a beer – nature will do the rest.


IMG_0761 (1)






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