Drinking in San Francisco: It’s Cocktail O’Clock

Coming to San Francisco for a few days? You lucky thing.

So many drinks to drink, so little time. And so to make your life easier, as if the Mother Theresa of drunkards, I’ve decided to concoct a list of my favourite cocktail bars in the city! Behold…. In no particular order:

Haight Ashbury – I’ll be honest, I’m actually not the number one fan of this place because I haven’t loved the few cocktails I’ve had there – they go for this type of flavour that’s unique, subtle and unfortunately just not for me. But if you could only hear my friends rave on and rant about it, you’d understand why it’s on the list anyway. They Ah and Aw and Oh about it every chance they get. Also, their grilled beef jerky in itself is worth stopping by.


SoMa – I feel so privileged that this place is essentially my local; just open their cocktail menu and you’ll understand why – they don’t just serve cocktails they deliver an experience mon ami. Sure, drinking out of a faux Chinese takeout box there was one of the highlights of my year – but that’s not why I’m recommending it (DRINKING OUT OF A FAUX CHINESE TAKEOUT BOX THOUGH HAAAA – the hipster in me is foaming at the mouth). Sure, they also set fire to my drink, sprinkled some secret herbs and sprayed some magic mist on it, and granted that earned them bonus points, but again not why I’m recommending it. Well technically the two latter points have everything to do with why I love this place so much; they serve their own unique and unusual cocktails and although I’m obsessed with white wine and Margaritas, I love trying out their selection to remind myself that branching out is actually a wonderful idea sometimes. And that Margies aren’t going anywhere so stop whining brain. On Saturdays they more often than not have surprisingly good live music – I remember this one time they had this great band playing, the singer was doing his thing, and next thing you know he perches himself atop a monocycle, starts cycling around the bar while simultaneously singing and playing the accordion. Casual. You can’t make this stuff up honestly. Finally, they have this Corpse Reviver ‘machine’ – I mean, machine, contraption, call it what you will… a thingy that’ll make you a Corpse Reviver on demand. I’ve never seen it in action but it’s goddamn intriguing.


The View
SoMa – This place is worth the detour for… wait for it… the view there. Here’s how it goes. You show up at The Marriott, find the elevators and go up to the 39th floor. If the elevator stops on the way up, be sure to check out the hotel carpet – it’s pretty special. Once up there, try your darndest to find a window spot and enjoy. Cocktails are what you’d expect for a Marriott bar – classic and spot on.


Bourbon & Branch
Tenderloin – Not going to lie here, I love it mainly for its prohibition theme. Any place that asks me for a password to let me in sits pretty high on my list of top 10 places to chillax at, regardless of what they pour down my gullet (no? just me?). Note that it’s very dark in there and that there are no windows – prohibition theme and what not. Great cocktails.There are two doors to enter. I think one is for reservations only. As for the other one, remember. Books.



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