Fashion: Why Rihanna Is The Perfect Cure To Coachella Fatigue

Say what you will about Rihanna’s personal style, at least she’s got bags of it. Personally, I feel like she looks like a hot mess most of the time, but I also rate her for it. She breaks down fashion cliches every chance she gets, sporting tops, bottoms and dresses that barely fit the human form on the regular. It’s been a journey watching her grow into who she is now, from your stereotypical teenage pop idol to just being whoever she wants to be, being overtly sexual when she damn well pleases or covering up from head to toe when she wants to be comfortable. I truly respect her for coming into her own and sticking her middle finger up to peer pressure and the status quo in general.

On a somewhat unrelated but related note, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely falling prey to Coachella fatigue this year. I’ve spent the last few days trying my darndest to avoid the usual sickening spew of resulting ‘bohemian’ celebrity outfit posts – not because the outfits aren’t cool, they are, love most of them – but because they’re just SO unoriginal and deja vu. Whilst originality may not be the end game for Coachella attendees, I’m sick and tired of seeing line-ups of women decked out in their sexiest boho outfits, trying so hard to fit in yet simultaneously stand out. Each year it’s the same. The exact same. A decade ago when I first became aware of the festival’s existence, the VS angels at Coachella were some of the dreamiest women I had ever seen, looking so effortlessly California cool; It Girls at their finest. These days all you see is armies of them invading Coachella, all in their boho uniforms which they most likely planned months in advance. All but one….

Enter 2018 Rihanna, Gucci balaclava on her head and an outfit straight out of the brand’s Fall/Winter collection… in the middle of desert-like weather. A little absurd, probably uncomfortable and most definitely sweaty… but so goddamn refreshing, I could hug her. Thank you Rihanna, you made my week. It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t feel the need to follow like a sheep. Not sure how I feel about the actual outfit (and the other multiple absurdities she debuted over the weekend), but seeing her walk out in it is almost performance art at this point. Not a fringe or cowboy boot in sight, no flower crown, no bohemian lace… just plain outrageous couture, because it’s a festival and festivals are made for being whoever you want to be and having fun with it.   



It has to be said though, as a general rule, Rihanna doesn’t shy away from cray cray couture and as time goes by following her style file gets increasingly entertaining. Below are some of my favorite crazy outfits of hers.


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