Trade My Wardrobe With… Molly in Uptown Girls

It is with a lot of fondness and great sadness that I spent time going through Brittany Murphy’s outfits in Uptown Girls today. As I reminisced about that time of my life and about the actual movie which I remember thoroughly enjoying, I decided to watch it again. And dear Lord was the nostalgia crushing… That and the fact that Ms. Murphy, such a lovely and talented young woman, died at the age of only 32… well let’s just say it’s been a tough evening; it’s rather odd how some celebrity deaths can grab you right at the feels, when, if you think about it rationally, you have no idea who they really were.

Murphy’s portrayal of the endearing Molly will forever stay with me and hopefully somehow push me towards making the most of every situation, finding the fun in everything and striving to bring an extra spark to people’s lives on a(n almost) daily basis (I mean you can’t expect me to do that on Mondays… I hate Mondays). When things get hard, do a twirl and things will instantly get better. 

Aside from being a deeply heart-warming, feel-good movie, Uptown Girls was also a favourite of mine for Molly’s fashion sense in the film – so girly, delicate, a little Carrie Bradshaw minus the NY edge despite the film’s location. With a hint of lace, laser cut patterns, beads or sequins, Molly always had a romantic touch to her outfit. I’m also fairly certain she doesn’t wear trousers even once throughout the entire movie which says a lot about her style.

The night slip and two beaded dresses though….



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