Music: St. Vincent @ The Bill Graham Theatre SF

Singer & song-writer Annie Clark, commonly known as St. Vincent, her stage name, delivered a more than memorable show at the Bill Graham theatre this Monday 22nd January 2018. Throughout her performance, the stage shifts predominantly between hues of hot pink, purple and turquoise, a Guy Bourdin style pop color frenzy which could easily be mistaken for an artistic light show, and in contrast at … Continue reading Music: St. Vincent @ The Bill Graham Theatre SF

Music: Florence & The Machine

Florence & The Machine are an incredibly special band to me. I went to see them in Dublin and it was a transcendent experience. Florence’s voice has such a unique tone… teamed with the right melody, it would give a chair goosebumps. There’s something mystical and almost esoteric about most of their songs – like walking into a magical wonderland, they transport you through their … Continue reading Music: Florence & The Machine

Music: The Smiths

The Smiths have made some of the most beautiful, heartbreaking songs out there and rocked me throughout my university years. As long as I don’t spend the whole day listening to them (or else I may abandon myself to a self-indulgent free-fall into deep dark depression and melancholy), they always hit the right nostalgic chords of my little brain and even smaller heart.   Continue reading Music: The Smiths