Eating in Paris: Le Fumoir


fumoir coin livres


Having lived in the suburbs of Paris for most of my life, I got to know Paris reasonably well. And thus I figured, why not share a few good places to fatten you up. Whaddaya say?

The first place I would like to recommend is called ‘Le Fumoir’.
It’s situated right by the Louvres so it won’t be too hard to find, and also if you’re a tourist, you should pop over for a nice coffee in between visiting sites.
Now this is what I call a ‘nice place’. Not that it’s horrendously expensive, but it isn’t cheap.





Food recommendations:

I don’t have any since the menu changes constantly, but the food has been to die for every time I’ve been there. Never disappointing, not once.
The last time I went I had slow roasted lamb which got me wondering if I had died and gone to heaven.
I tasted some of my friend’s sea food risotto which was bloody gorgeous.
And I remember the dessert included a ball of pistachio ice-cream… I remember it because it’s the best pistachio ice-cream I’ve ever tasted, and that’s my favourite ice-cream flavour. SO THERE.


Well, some people say it’s snooty, bourgeois, snobbish…
I’m not particularly fancy or bourgeois and I feel quite at ease there. Of course I wouldn’t roll up in there wearing my pyjamas, but then again I try not to walk around outside in nightwear anymore now that I’m no longer a student.
It’s cosy, chic and I love it.
It can get quite noisy when it’s crowded, but most of the time it’s a lovely place to go for a (pricey) drink, or a very tasty brunch, lunch or dinner.
There is also a small seating area outside which is perfect in the summer.

Lunch time menu:
– 2 courses:  €20 (£16)
– 3 courses: €23.50 (£18.8)

Dinner time menu:
– 2 courses: €32 (£25.6)
– 3 courses: €36 (£28.8)

Sunday brunch:
-2 courses and a juice or yoghurt with unlimited amounts of tea/coffee: €24 (£19.2)

FYI, I used an exchange rate of £0.8/€, don’t crucify me if it ends up being more expensive.

I would definitely make reservations if you want to be sure to get a table.

Do go, you won’t regret it.

Le Fumoir
6 Rue de L’Amiral Coligny
75001, Paris


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